Misconceptions about aging

A positive attitude can help us stay young for longer. We must not forget that youth is above all in our mind, and not focused on our physical appearance.

On many occasions, we think that as a person gets older, he becomes exhausted and deteriorates more and more. And that is something that nobody can avoid. But in reality, this does not have to be so linear or so true. Aging can be healthy. Here we will tell you the reason for this statement.

There are a large number of factors that can determine the slow or accelerated progression of the inevitable natural aging process.

One of the factors that can cause the passage of time to notice sooner than it really should is depression. A person who lives depressed and in a bad mood can look much older than one of the same age who has more reasons to live happy and smiling. Or, at least, she has a good time with other people and always seeks to be distracted. 

Another factor that can promote the delay of aging can be maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Next, we are going to list some beliefs about the factors that can determine if the aging process accelerates or takes longer to occur. Many of which turn out to be just that, myths or false beliefs that many people take for granted.

Genes can predetermine health

False. It all depends on behavior and the way we take control of our life. If we exercise, we learn to manage each of the emotions that occur every day in our life, this changes. If we control the situations that cause us stress and we can also have adequate hours of sleep, very surely, we can achieve that inevitable old age takes a long time to appear.

Does one grow old as one feels old?

False. Much has to do with the lifestyle that each one leads. For example, if an elderly person has taken care of themselves throughout their life, they may appear much younger than they really are. But if, on the contrary, a person who does not take care of himself, who regularly drinks alcohol, stays up late and leads a disorderly life; it may look much older.

With the passage of time the body weakens

False. An older person who exercises can increase strength and muscle mass. In addition, it has been shown that just walking for thirty minutes a day can significantly improve the quality of life of older adults.

Memory runs out as time goes by

False. This need not torment us excessively. Not because we are getting old, we are going to run out of memory or we do not have the ability to learn new things.

In fact, through some research that has been carried out in this regard, it has been possible to affirm that the parts of the brain that have to do with memory and learning capacity every day produce other new cells. And, therefore, every day those that wear out can be replaced, which is very beneficial for this important organ.

Energy runs out over the years

False. If you have led a healthy lifestyle and maintained a good quality of life, maintaining a positive attitude towards the different circumstances that we have to face, vitality will always be present.

In addition, if we exercise and get enough sleep, we will very surely be able to perform all daily tasks without the slightest hint of weakness. Aging does not go hand in hand with the energy we have.

The older a person is, the lower the chances of being happy

False. Happiness is not determined in any way by the years. On the contrary, there are thousands of people who feel much happier and fuller as they age, and all the more so.

If you make a daily routine in which all the good habits of a healthy lifestyle are included and, in addition, you surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude towards life.

The best way to stay young, active, happy and healthy is to maintain a positive attitude towards all the daily problems. To solve them intelligently you must be calm. And on this depends largely the happiness and youth that we show everyone, if we allow ourselves to be carried away by pessimism and sadness.

We always complain, what we project to others will be a lonely and sad finished being that will look much older than it really is.

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